Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Bar Has Been Raised

Continuing on the heels of last week's game of 257 [Note 1], I posted scores of 205, 191, and 235 [Note 2] en-route to a lifetime personal best series of 631. As I was able to maintain a level of consistency that has been pretty rare for me, I was able to mark in all but three frames the entire night [two of those three were the 2-10 baby split so it was a little disappointing that I did not convert at least one of them; I am pretty sure the third open was a hung 10-pin somewhere along the line].

Note 1: My 257 included an open in the first frame after missing a 10-pin spare. As another rarity, it also held up as the league's high scratch game (and also handicap game as a 284).

Note 2: I cannot say for sure but my 235 is most likely my third or fourth best lifetime score. So at worst, I have bowled two of my four highest lifetime games in the past two weeks :-)

I was able to avoid being low man for the week which was dubiously accomplished by Michael Burnett. It should be noted however that he bowled most of games 2 and 3 with an absolutely brand new ball that broke so monstrously hard in the back end with the dry lane conditions that he was rarely able to hit the right hander's pocket.

So, good news for the week. The Crew took 4 of 4 and maintained its hold on second place just four games behind Muncher's. Last week was a golden opportunity to pull even but at least we did not lose ground either.

Week 16                             LM
Monte C.    189  168  220     577    x
Michael B.  173  144  168     485   *x
Rick W.     205  191  235     631    x
Bryant C.   181  199  194     574    x
Darrell E.  178  259  216     643    x
            926  969 1023    3010 (4-0)
opp.        827  939  934    2700

Monday, December 14, 2009

Feast or Famine?

Well, I was gonna blog about last week but I can't because my team thinks I only blog when I do something good or when they do bad. Even though it is *my* blog and I should be able to do what I want, I am going to prove them wrong... but the title is a good hint... and if you pay attention to our recent scores you might guess too.

[Real Blog Entry is pending...]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving my @$$

So, as usual I am posting about last week's results as I leave to bowl this week. Other than my usual procrastination, this week's post is less than fun since I effectively humiliated myself last week by adding another low-man "honor" to my season. What made it even worse was that I finished the first game as HIGH-MAN! I didn't even see it coming.

Oh well... I gotta get going to erase that dismal performance but I am sure the guys wanted to read something if they bother to check.

I will update scores later but here is what I know off the top of my head...

Week 12                             LM
Monte C.    ---  ---  ---     ---    3
Michael B.  ---  ---  ---     ---    1
Rick W.     ---  ---  ---     ---   *5
Bryant C.   ---  ---  ---     ---    2
Darrell E.  ---  ---  ---     ---    1
            ---  ---  ---    ---- (3-1)
opp.        ---  ---  ---    ----

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November... A Month for Thanksgiving

Well, I missed a week of blogging so I hope that this post does not break a good streak but does break a bad one. The Crew has successfully taken 7 of 8 games in the last two weeks as they were apparently up to my challenge; unfortunately, our team captain has taken it in the shins as he has now posted three straight weeks as "low man" (personally, I've finished smack dab in the middle both weeks).

We go against the blind next week so that ought to be as exciting as watching paint dry. However, we have a history of dropping one to ourselves so that is going to come to an END!

p.s. To Bryant... You were low man the very first week, not me. In fact, I was second on the night behind Darrell. And, you were not high man three weeks in a row... but still two out of three, so good job on that.

Week 11                             LM
Monte C.    146  136  188     470   *3
Michael B.  158  191  146     495    1
Rick W.     169  189  173     531    4
Bryant C.   186  232  153     571    2
Darrell E.  192  212  192     596    1
            851  960  852    2663 (3-1)
opp.        822  849  860    2531

Week 10                             LM
Monte C.    184  179  161     524   *2
Michael B.  195  184  175     554    1
Rick W.     190  152  206     548    4
Bryant C.   185  210  173     568    2
Darrell E.  179  206  159     544    1
            933  931  874    2738 (4-0)
opp.        895  802  792    2489

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're Back

(Week 9)
Well, technically it was still October but it felt like a whole new month. The Crew finally got their head.... above water and could breathe a little easier as we took three out of four in a hard fought night.

Ok... to challenge the slackers, er, I mean my team mates: I currently have a commanding lead in the not-so-desirable statistic of "weekly low man". My goal is to not be the season leader in that category despite having the current lowest average. Good luck!

Monte C.    160  163  178     501   *1
Michael B.  221  193  158     572    1
Rick W.     170  154  191     515    4
Bryant C.   180  184  213     586    2
Darrell E.  166  187  226     579    1
            906  881  966    2743 (3-1)
opp.        839  896  880    2635

An October to Forget

(Week 8)

Um... that prediction did not turn out well at ALL. Well, I was right about the sweep. Except it was US who got swept. Weeks like this make us grumpy! (Should we be impressed with how consistent our team score was? probably not)

Monte C.    147  157  179     483
Michael B.  130  150  168     448
Rick W.     169  192  190     551
Bryant C.   136  136  144     416
Darrell E.  235  183  145     563
            817  818  826    2461 (0-4)

Spring forward, FALL back...

I'm really slacking on the blog... probably because of our overall dismal performance (particularly mine).  However, I do predict a win this week... oh, what the heck... how about a sweep?!

Here are last week's results:

Monte C.    136  191  226     553
Michael B.  148  161  166     475
Rick W.     166  156  183     515(*)
Bryant C.   180  209  189     573(z)
Darrell E.  164  191  183     538
            794  908  943    2645 (1-3)
opp.        811  951  894    2658

(*) Only team member without a 600-series
(z) What the hell?! Highest team series? That can't be right

Week 6

Week 6

Monte C.    202  226  226     654
Michael B.  222  188  192     602
Rick W.     150  183  168     501
Bryant C.   185  232  145     562
Darrell E.  ---  ---  ---     ---(*)
            844  914  816    2874 (3-1)
opp.        745  726  834    2605

(*) 185/gm, 555/series

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 5

Week 5

Monte C.    195  204  150     549
Michael B.  190  189  233     612
Rick W.     153  148  180     481
Bryant C.   152  177  164     493(*)
Darrell E.  191  179  167     537
            957  973  960    2890 (1-3)
opp.        921 1014 1064    2999

(*) I can't believe I couldn't get 13 more pins!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Alive!... It's Alive!!!! ~quote from Dr. Frankenstein

After a long hibernation, our Brew Crew fourth-man showed signs of life.  As if saving pins for a winter slumber, spring finally came as Bryant Clark found his smooth-breaking power ball and flirted with a 700 series.  In fact, except for 7-10 split late in the third game, Bryant would have finished without an open frame in all three games!

The Brew Crew took all four games again this week but needed the stellar performance of the Brew Crew youngster to offset the handicap pins given up to our friendly rival "Forest View".  Particularly in the first and second games where the Crew won by a "mere" 43 and 34 pins, respectively.  Actually, on the night, the Crew bowled well and consistently as everyone met their average. However, Forest View would not lay down easily as they were led (at least in spirit) by mad man Darryl Messer. 

So... I think I am the only one without a 600 series this year.  Even though I have only bowled one other in my life.... maybe next week is the week!  Stay tuned... same bat time... same bat blog.

Monte C.    196  146  191     533
Michael B.  174  166  216     556
Rick W.     140  191  188     519
Bryant C.   248  204  233     685*
Darrell E.  217  187  161     565
            975  894  989    2858

* Personal Season-First 600-series

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Battle Royale : The Aftermath

The Brew Crew took all four games this week against team "5 Star"...

And finally, Bryant was inspired to not be the low man on the totem pole this week.  After a slow start where he was six pins behind me, Bryant bet $1 he could finish with a higher series.  Smelling easy money I took the bet.  After a strong strike-pair combination in the first two frames, the engine fell out along with the brakes, tires, and about every other part of the car as I finished with an abysmal, hopefully team season low game of 113.  (oh... wait... Bryant had a 93 earlier this year... whew... I will not be the lowest game!)
Monte C.    177  203  145     525
Michael B.  180  190  179     549
Rick W.     205  180  113     498
Bryant C.   169  210  178     557
Darrell E.  210  200  192     602*

* Personal Season-First 600-series

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Battle Royale : Round 1

I may have a future in sports predictions.... though the Brew Crew did not sweep our series this week, we did take 3 of 4 to pull ourselves out of the gutter to almost .500 while the season is still young.

Game 1 was definitely the highlight this week as 4 of our 5 bowlers broke 180 to win by 195 total pins. Darrell Erhart led the way with another 200 game (213) as it looked like he was on his way to the seasons first 600 series.

Game2 was more closely fought. Eerily similar to last season's championship winning game, it came down to the final man on each team but Brew Crew finished 2 pins up. Michael Burnett picked up the slack this game posting a roaring 222 on his quest for the team's first 600 series.

Game 3 was a pot-pouri of good luck, back luck that finished with the Brew Crew down 10 pins for our only loss of the night. Lyle Morris of the Bad Men threw a knockout blow as he came out of the gate with 5-straight strikes and finished with a 2xx. However, the silver lining for the Brew Crew was Michael Burnett winning the first 600 "pin" of the season as his third game finished with a 193 for a 605 series.

We'll be there next week to continue our quest for a repeat. Don't turn that dial!

p.s. Even though Bryant bowled his average all three games (and I did not), my other prediction also came true. He might have a chance this week, but... I wouldn't bet on it ;-)

Monte C. 183 159 168 510
Michael B. 190 222 193 605*
Rick W. 183 134 195 511
Bryant C. 149 163 148 460
Darrell E. 213 191 148 552

* Team's First 600-series

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Well, Tuesday August 25th marked the beginning of the 2010 season as the Brew Crew look to defend their 2009 Ivy League Championship. Team members were anxious to get this season underway as the Ivy League returned with a 9-team lineup that included a new team but dropped a team from last season.

Unfortunately, the 'Crew' got out to a less than stellar beginning. The lanes seemed atypically slick and oily and scores were anything but consistent. Even a last-minute lineup change could not appease the bowling gods that night as they seemingly threw all they had at Bryant Clark when he started Game 2 with six consecutive splits and two more before the game was finished.

The biggest bright spot on the evening was cleanup man Darrell Erhart as he needed just a 159 to come out of the gates with a 600-series. Despite throwing the first two games with nothing less than a 9-count, Game 3 ended with a 146 as the gods saw fit to turn several pocket hits into hanging tens and splits.

But, we are not daunted. The 'Crew' will return next week with an established average and I am predicting a 4-game sweep. You can keep us down, but not out.
p.s. (I will also have a higher series than Bryant)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kansas State Tourney '09

The Brew Crew... (more to be added here...)

August 26, 2009
I have not yet written much about our State trip but after last night's season opener, the guys wanted to remind Michael via this blog that we did not make it past the first round of the (whatever you call it) when he failed to throw at least an 8 count on the first ball. He has thus been demoted to second-man as a motivational move by the team captain.

Monday, April 13, 2009

2008 Awards

Individual Season Awards are listed below:

  • Rick Wellman
  1. League High Series - Handicap
  2. 75pins Over - Game
  3. 140pins Over - Series
  4. 600 Series
  • Michael Burnett
  • Bryant Clark
  • Monte Clark
  • Darrell Erhart

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2009 Champions

The Brew Crew successfully captured the Douglas County Ivy League championship with a dramatic 2-pin win in the third game of three.

Going into the night, the Brew Crew had a slim 1-game lead over the heavyweight team of Muncher's Bakery. Needing to merely split the night's games and go 2 of 4, the Brew Crew methodically never gave up their handicap and won the first game by 35 pins.

However, in the spirit of a good old-fashioned slug fest, Muncher's came back and took game two by 70 pins; which also gave them the total pins lead going into the third game.

Leadoff-man Michael Burnett gave the Brew Crew a sound start with a turkey in his first three frames (on his way to a sound 620 series). However, the drying lane conditions proved challenging for the mid-bowlers though they were able to bowl their average. Bracketing Michael's leadoff position, anchorman Darrell Erhart had a fantastic 3rd game on his way to a commanding team high series of 650.

As the third game neared the finish line, the teams were neck and neck. It looked like Muncher's had the advantage as the teams were tied after 8 frames and Muncher's average lead would likely pull them through. However, both teams were plagued by pocket hit splits and went into the 10th virtually tied. Michael Burnett continued to set the bar as he ferociously threw 3 strikes for a turkey in the 10th. Second-baseman Rick Wellman threw a heavy head-pin on his first ball leaving a nerve-wracking baby split on the right side. However, he picked it up and threw a 9-count to continue the solid 10th by the Brew Crew. [Put Bryant and Monte here... I forgot what they did].

Middle man Bryant Clark then stepped up and finished the third game with his second 200+ game of the night. His 600 series (625) capped off a great season-finishing run that included a near perfect game just a week or two earlier. Bryant's uncle, team captain Monte Clark, also finished the championship night with a 600 series that also put the finishing touches on a stellar season. Monte regularly earned his captain stripes throughout the season as he would find a way to a 600 series on nights when the ever changing lane conditions left the team struggling to make their average.

Going into the final position, the Brew Crew held the slimmest of leads at 9 pins and Muncher's anchor man (Larry Caldwell) was working on two strikes against Erhart's one. Larry threw first, and with the bowling gods watching from above, a solid pocket hit from the left-hander left a solid 7-pin which prevented Muncher's from locking up the victory with a lead-off double in the 10th. However, Larry converted the spare to force Erhart to mark. Before Caldwell threw his second ball, Erhart threw a heavy head pin and left the 6-10 on the right side. Though nervous with the season on the line, Erhart threw a great ball, converted the split and gave Brew Crew a 3-pin lead with each bowler left to throw one ball.

Munchers' Larry Caldwell threw first again and bowled a perfect strike to put the pressure on Erhart. Again battling nerves, Erhart mustered a pocket hit that fell 9 of 10 pins and won the league championship by two!

Congratulations Brew Crew! A fantastic season!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brew Crew Regains the Lead

(January 20, 2009) The Brew Crew had a gigantic week on Tuesday night, taking all four games of the series to regain a tie for the league lead. The night was highlighted by the fact that their opponent had handed them a 1-3 butt whipping just one week ago, led by an outstanding evening by John x.

This week, however, the crew would not roll over so easily.

Another bright spot of the evening was when the crew's low man rolled his first 600 series. Richard Wellman bowled a 213, 19x, 19x for his first ever 600 series.