Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Alive!... It's Alive!!!! ~quote from Dr. Frankenstein

After a long hibernation, our Brew Crew fourth-man showed signs of life.  As if saving pins for a winter slumber, spring finally came as Bryant Clark found his smooth-breaking power ball and flirted with a 700 series.  In fact, except for 7-10 split late in the third game, Bryant would have finished without an open frame in all three games!

The Brew Crew took all four games again this week but needed the stellar performance of the Brew Crew youngster to offset the handicap pins given up to our friendly rival "Forest View".  Particularly in the first and second games where the Crew won by a "mere" 43 and 34 pins, respectively.  Actually, on the night, the Crew bowled well and consistently as everyone met their average. However, Forest View would not lay down easily as they were led (at least in spirit) by mad man Darryl Messer. 

So... I think I am the only one without a 600 series this year.  Even though I have only bowled one other in my life.... maybe next week is the week!  Stay tuned... same bat time... same bat blog.

Monte C.    196  146  191     533
Michael B.  174  166  216     556
Rick W.     140  191  188     519
Bryant C.   248  204  233     685*
Darrell E.  217  187  161     565
            975  894  989    2858

* Personal Season-First 600-series

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Battle Royale : The Aftermath

The Brew Crew took all four games this week against team "5 Star"...

And finally, Bryant was inspired to not be the low man on the totem pole this week.  After a slow start where he was six pins behind me, Bryant bet $1 he could finish with a higher series.  Smelling easy money I took the bet.  After a strong strike-pair combination in the first two frames, the engine fell out along with the brakes, tires, and about every other part of the car as I finished with an abysmal, hopefully team season low game of 113.  (oh... wait... Bryant had a 93 earlier this year... whew... I will not be the lowest game!)
Monte C.    177  203  145     525
Michael B.  180  190  179     549
Rick W.     205  180  113     498
Bryant C.   169  210  178     557
Darrell E.  210  200  192     602*

* Personal Season-First 600-series

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Battle Royale : Round 1

I may have a future in sports predictions.... though the Brew Crew did not sweep our series this week, we did take 3 of 4 to pull ourselves out of the gutter to almost .500 while the season is still young.

Game 1 was definitely the highlight this week as 4 of our 5 bowlers broke 180 to win by 195 total pins. Darrell Erhart led the way with another 200 game (213) as it looked like he was on his way to the seasons first 600 series.

Game2 was more closely fought. Eerily similar to last season's championship winning game, it came down to the final man on each team but Brew Crew finished 2 pins up. Michael Burnett picked up the slack this game posting a roaring 222 on his quest for the team's first 600 series.

Game 3 was a pot-pouri of good luck, back luck that finished with the Brew Crew down 10 pins for our only loss of the night. Lyle Morris of the Bad Men threw a knockout blow as he came out of the gate with 5-straight strikes and finished with a 2xx. However, the silver lining for the Brew Crew was Michael Burnett winning the first 600 "pin" of the season as his third game finished with a 193 for a 605 series.

We'll be there next week to continue our quest for a repeat. Don't turn that dial!

p.s. Even though Bryant bowled his average all three games (and I did not), my other prediction also came true. He might have a chance this week, but... I wouldn't bet on it ;-)

Monte C. 183 159 168 510
Michael B. 190 222 193 605*
Rick W. 183 134 195 511
Bryant C. 149 163 148 460
Darrell E. 213 191 148 552

* Team's First 600-series