Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Well, Tuesday August 25th marked the beginning of the 2010 season as the Brew Crew look to defend their 2009 Ivy League Championship. Team members were anxious to get this season underway as the Ivy League returned with a 9-team lineup that included a new team but dropped a team from last season.

Unfortunately, the 'Crew' got out to a less than stellar beginning. The lanes seemed atypically slick and oily and scores were anything but consistent. Even a last-minute lineup change could not appease the bowling gods that night as they seemingly threw all they had at Bryant Clark when he started Game 2 with six consecutive splits and two more before the game was finished.

The biggest bright spot on the evening was cleanup man Darrell Erhart as he needed just a 159 to come out of the gates with a 600-series. Despite throwing the first two games with nothing less than a 9-count, Game 3 ended with a 146 as the gods saw fit to turn several pocket hits into hanging tens and splits.

But, we are not daunted. The 'Crew' will return next week with an established average and I am predicting a 4-game sweep. You can keep us down, but not out.
p.s. (I will also have a higher series than Bryant)