Monday, April 13, 2009

2008 Awards

Individual Season Awards are listed below:

  • Rick Wellman
  1. League High Series - Handicap
  2. 75pins Over - Game
  3. 140pins Over - Series
  4. 600 Series
  • Michael Burnett
  • Bryant Clark
  • Monte Clark
  • Darrell Erhart

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2009 Champions

The Brew Crew successfully captured the Douglas County Ivy League championship with a dramatic 2-pin win in the third game of three.

Going into the night, the Brew Crew had a slim 1-game lead over the heavyweight team of Muncher's Bakery. Needing to merely split the night's games and go 2 of 4, the Brew Crew methodically never gave up their handicap and won the first game by 35 pins.

However, in the spirit of a good old-fashioned slug fest, Muncher's came back and took game two by 70 pins; which also gave them the total pins lead going into the third game.

Leadoff-man Michael Burnett gave the Brew Crew a sound start with a turkey in his first three frames (on his way to a sound 620 series). However, the drying lane conditions proved challenging for the mid-bowlers though they were able to bowl their average. Bracketing Michael's leadoff position, anchorman Darrell Erhart had a fantastic 3rd game on his way to a commanding team high series of 650.

As the third game neared the finish line, the teams were neck and neck. It looked like Muncher's had the advantage as the teams were tied after 8 frames and Muncher's average lead would likely pull them through. However, both teams were plagued by pocket hit splits and went into the 10th virtually tied. Michael Burnett continued to set the bar as he ferociously threw 3 strikes for a turkey in the 10th. Second-baseman Rick Wellman threw a heavy head-pin on his first ball leaving a nerve-wracking baby split on the right side. However, he picked it up and threw a 9-count to continue the solid 10th by the Brew Crew. [Put Bryant and Monte here... I forgot what they did].

Middle man Bryant Clark then stepped up and finished the third game with his second 200+ game of the night. His 600 series (625) capped off a great season-finishing run that included a near perfect game just a week or two earlier. Bryant's uncle, team captain Monte Clark, also finished the championship night with a 600 series that also put the finishing touches on a stellar season. Monte regularly earned his captain stripes throughout the season as he would find a way to a 600 series on nights when the ever changing lane conditions left the team struggling to make their average.

Going into the final position, the Brew Crew held the slimmest of leads at 9 pins and Muncher's anchor man (Larry Caldwell) was working on two strikes against Erhart's one. Larry threw first, and with the bowling gods watching from above, a solid pocket hit from the left-hander left a solid 7-pin which prevented Muncher's from locking up the victory with a lead-off double in the 10th. However, Larry converted the spare to force Erhart to mark. Before Caldwell threw his second ball, Erhart threw a heavy head pin and left the 6-10 on the right side. Though nervous with the season on the line, Erhart threw a great ball, converted the split and gave Brew Crew a 3-pin lead with each bowler left to throw one ball.

Munchers' Larry Caldwell threw first again and bowled a perfect strike to put the pressure on Erhart. Again battling nerves, Erhart mustered a pocket hit that fell 9 of 10 pins and won the league championship by two!

Congratulations Brew Crew! A fantastic season!