Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Bar Has Been Raised

Continuing on the heels of last week's game of 257 [Note 1], I posted scores of 205, 191, and 235 [Note 2] en-route to a lifetime personal best series of 631. As I was able to maintain a level of consistency that has been pretty rare for me, I was able to mark in all but three frames the entire night [two of those three were the 2-10 baby split so it was a little disappointing that I did not convert at least one of them; I am pretty sure the third open was a hung 10-pin somewhere along the line].

Note 1: My 257 included an open in the first frame after missing a 10-pin spare. As another rarity, it also held up as the league's high scratch game (and also handicap game as a 284).

Note 2: I cannot say for sure but my 235 is most likely my third or fourth best lifetime score. So at worst, I have bowled two of my four highest lifetime games in the past two weeks :-)

I was able to avoid being low man for the week which was dubiously accomplished by Michael Burnett. It should be noted however that he bowled most of games 2 and 3 with an absolutely brand new ball that broke so monstrously hard in the back end with the dry lane conditions that he was rarely able to hit the right hander's pocket.

So, good news for the week. The Crew took 4 of 4 and maintained its hold on second place just four games behind Muncher's. Last week was a golden opportunity to pull even but at least we did not lose ground either.

Week 16                             LM
Monte C.    189  168  220     577    x
Michael B.  173  144  168     485   *x
Rick W.     205  191  235     631    x
Bryant C.   181  199  194     574    x
Darrell E.  178  259  216     643    x
            926  969 1023    3010 (4-0)
opp.        827  939  934    2700

Monday, December 14, 2009

Feast or Famine?

Well, I was gonna blog about last week but I can't because my team thinks I only blog when I do something good or when they do bad. Even though it is *my* blog and I should be able to do what I want, I am going to prove them wrong... but the title is a good hint... and if you pay attention to our recent scores you might guess too.

[Real Blog Entry is pending...]